Trillium E: A Note from Anne Rhodes

Anne Rhodes posted this comment in the “About Me” section of this site, but I thought it was worth re-posting on the front page.  Anne will sing the part of Sundance in Trillium E.


So happy to see this blog!

Rehearsals began on Monday and are going beautifully. Of course everyone is excited about working with the legendary Braxton, but as you can imagine the experience goes much deeper than that. What Anthony is doing here is bringing together and expanding a community of creative musicans, and the potential ripple effect of this project should not be underestimated.

The combination of flexibility and rigorousness in Anthony’s musical approach, his resistance to genre pigeon-holing, his contagious generosity of spirit, and his love of a good hang with a bunch of decent folks who respect each other, are having a great impact on a whole generation of musicians. Please forgive my gushing; I’m a grouchy cynic by nature but have been walking on air since this project got started.

As Anthony would say, hooray!

-Anne Rhodes

5 responses to “Trillium E: A Note from Anne Rhodes

  1. Is there a complete list of personnel online?

  2. Hi John!
    I just published the full list of personnel. Take a peek!

  3. Cool! Thanks, Amy!

    One more question – do you how many of the Trillium operas are completed? By that, I mean written, not recorded.

    I had the honor of playing with Braxton a few times, with his Wesleyan orchestra and the piece for 7 trumpets.

  4. Anthony’s operas all fit into a complete 36-act cycle (The Trillium Cycle). That cycle includes: Trillium A, which was performed in San Diego in the 1980s; Trillium R, which was recorded/performed in NYC in the 1990s; and Trillium M, which was was recorded/performed in London in the 1990s. Anthony has completed Trillium J – I think that’s next in our queue – and he just recently finished writing the libretto for Trillium X. That’s everything I’m aware of at the moment.
    Were you at the 60th Birthday Celebration at Wesleyan? I was one of the pianists!

  5. Wow, 5 completed!

    I was not at the big ensemble concert, but I was one of the trumpet players on Composition 103. It was the same night as the Diamond Curtain/Wall Trio. I was the one in green. 🙂

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