Tri-Centric Foundation website is live!

Hello everyone,

If you’re here on the blog you’ve probably heard that went live today.  Please check it out and let us know what you think!  Feel free to leave comments here on the blog.  If you have any technical/troubleshooting questions about the site, please direct those inquiries to  Thanks for exploring the new website and we hope you choose to become a subscriber!


4 responses to “Tri-Centric Foundation website is live!

  1. Amy,

    It’s a beautifully designed Web site. I find it compelling and informative.

  2. It’s not working perfectly. I could not get the “free download” to show up in the cart on the account page, so was unable to download it.

    • Hi Ron! If you still have questions about the download, please email [ webmaster at tricentricfoundation dot org ] …thanks! -A.

  3. Launched on my daughter Geneva’s 38th birthday–perfect! So nice to see a vibrant, vital, current online presence! I will subscribe forthwith!

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