Two Days in Pictures: Tri-Centric Orchestra Workshops

The Tri-Centric Orchestra convened for two days of workshops earlier this month.  The first day was held in Brooklyn, NY at the Douglass Street Music Collective, and the second day in New Haven, CT at Firehouse 12

(photos by Kyoko Kitamura)

In Brooklyn, the TCO tackled Anthony Braxton’s graphic scores for the first time (to learn more about Braxton’s musical systems, please click here).

Taylor Ho Bynum and Anne Rhodes joined Anthony as conductors.

It was a great day for everyone to catch up and work together.

A more intimate group came together for a second workshop the following day in New Haven.  Most of this particular afternoon was devoted to sight-reading through excerpts of Braxton’s most recently completed opera, Trillium J (which we hope to share with you very soon).

The Tri-Centric Foundation would like to extend its thanks to the Douglass Street Music Collective, Firehouse 12 and to all of the TCO members/workshop participants who came together for such a memorable weekend of music.

…a big thank you also goes out to our friends at IBeam who graciously provided TCF with chairs for the Brooklyn workshop!

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