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What do Compositions No. 232 and 233 look like?

Questions I’ve received on multiple occasions: How does Anthony Braxton notate his music? What do his scores look like? Well, here’s your chance to see a few examples.

For the month of July, New Braxton House Records is featuring “Sax Quintet (Middletown) 1998” (view Part I here and Part II here) as the free download for NBH subscribers (without a subscription, Part I and Part II are priced at $9.99 each). In lieu of liner notes, we’ve included scans of pages taken from the scores of both Composition No. 232 and No. 233.

One of the goals of the Tri-Centric Foundation is to develop a digital archive of Mr. Braxton’s written work; in doing so, we hope to eventually make more of his complete scores available in a digital library for musicians, music teachers, professors, scholars and friendly experiencers alike. I encourage you to check it out!



Two Days in Pictures: Tri-Centric Orchestra Workshops

The Tri-Centric Orchestra convened for two days of workshops earlier this month.  The first day was held in Brooklyn, NY at the Douglass Street Music Collective, and the second day in New Haven, CT at Firehouse 12

(photos by Kyoko Kitamura)

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