What do Compositions No. 232 and 233 look like?

Questions I’ve received on multiple occasions: How does Anthony Braxton notate his music? What do his scores look like? Well, here’s your chance to see a few examples.

For the month of July, New Braxton House Records is featuring “Sax Quintet (Middletown) 1998” (view Part I here and Part II here) as the free download for NBH subscribers (without a subscription, Part I and Part II are priced at $9.99 each). In lieu of liner notes, we’ve included scans of pages taken from the scores of both Composition No. 232 and No. 233.

One of the goals of the Tri-Centric Foundation is to develop a digital archive of Mr. Braxton’s written work; in doing so, we hope to eventually make more of his complete scores available in a digital library for musicians, music teachers, professors, scholars and friendly experiencers alike. I encourage you to check it out!



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